Software Developer

Three decades of software development experience

In recent years, I have been developing internal business applications using both C# and NodeJS/Express/JavaScript. The former involved complex rules based data transformation from a variety of sources. The latter was used to create a systems simulation builder and management utility that generates SCORM compliant digital learning courses.

My background is in computer mapping and data capture systems. I spent a number of years building intranet systems and prior to that, working on application development on geographic systems (Smallworld GIS and Smallworld Magik), working with external customers from initial business requirements through to delivered products.


Systems Engineer

I work with external vendors and internal teams to deploy new systems, looking at all technical aspects, including platform, virtualisation, IP connectivity, security reviews, user authentication and maintenance, and platform customisation.

Previous roles I have held included deploying MS Exchange throughout an organisation, deploying and managing Windows and Unix servers, setup and management of site to site VPNs, configuration and maintenance of CheckPoint Firewall rulebases, and Intrusion Detection Systems (SNORT) deployment.


Landscape Photographer

Some hobbies become a passion.

This was true when I first reviewed the images on my digital camera - captivating. I progressed through to Digital SLRs, sought out guidance from experts and found I had a real eye for capturing images on camera.

My passion is for low light, long exposure images that show the world in ways you would not normally be able to see.


Technical Trainer

I have always enjoyed training others, seeing them grapple, then digest and understand information. Around seven years ago, I was invited to join a training team - it was a light bulb moment for me.

My time as a technical trainer allowed me to understand more of the learning theory behind it all and deliver training to thousands of individuals. I occasionally dip back into this role when technical complex subjects need training out, or in adhoc moments as and when required.



After a twenty year break, I finally took the plunge, first buying an old and battered Kawasaki 500cc as a project bike, before getting my current machine, a Suzuki Vstrom 650cc.

There is something very liberating about riding and a unique kind of camaraderie amongst the biking community. I have toured England, Scotland and Wales, and more recently, rode through the famous Transfagarasen and Transalpina passes in Romania.


Social Media

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